We have a team of professional and dedicated Teachers who have taught in Ministry of Education (MOE) schools before. Our Teachers are able to motivate and nurture your child to develop a passion for learning and build a sense of self-confidence. With a range of teaching pedagogical approaches and strategies, we are able to cater to every child’s different learning needs, whilst equipping them with problem-solving skills and seeking excellence in their learning journey.

The levels that are not listed above are the levels which are not offered for tuition at the moment yet.
Each kid is entitled to one trial lesson per subject only. There is no refund for more than one trial lesson for the same subject. For Primary 1-4, each trial lesson is 30 minutes long. For Primary 5-6, each trial lesson is 35 minutes long. For Secondary 1-4, each trial lesson is 45 minutes long. We will make arrangement to your trial lesson after your booking and payment online via Whatsapp or email.
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